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JB Treats are so delicious! Not only do they taste great but they are easy for my old teeth to handle. I highly recommend them to all of my fellow doggos!!


JB Treats small and mini are the perfect chewing size for me. Plus they are delicious!


JB Treats are the only treats I enjoy eating. I love all the different options, too.


JB Treats are so refreshing after a hard day of work on the farm.


I go crazy for JB Treats!!


I LOVE my new Over-the-Collar Bandana!


I love cuddling and keeping warm with my new pet mat/blanket!


My new favorite spot is laying on my soft pet mat!


I love my JB Treats! I’ll do anything to get one! The large ones are the perfect size for a snack, and the minis are perfect for a quick treat. I give them two paws up!


I can’t wait to get more JB Treats! Now how do I work the computer?


I love my new bandana so much, I had to immediately order more to be stylin’ everywhere I go!


I am proud to show off my new bandana and JB Treats are my favorite treats!


JB Treats are the perfect reward for a long day of work


I love my new bandana and am always eager to be “quality control” for the freshly baked treats.


Sparkle Leigh and I loved the fun surprise of our new pet mats and toys from JB Treats, our favorite place to get treats from.

Maple Rose  and  Sparkle Leigh

My sister, Ellie, and I love JB Treats. It makes our day every time we get a treat from JB Treats.

Sergei  and Ellie

Teddy and I absolutely love our stylish bandanas! We can’t wait to try them all out!

Ollie and Teddy

I will do anything for my daily JB Treats treat! I make sure my people remember to give me my treat before they leave for work.


I love my new over-the-collar bandanas! My new birthday bandana was perfect for my gotcha day/birthday celebration yesterday!


We love to show off our new matching bandanas! We also treasure our new treats! They are so delightful and I can’t wait to get more!

Raven and Zoey

We love shopping at JB Treats to get bandanas to celebrate our favorite holidays and cheer on our favorite teams!

Lena and Zoey

I loved my birthday cake! I was gracious enough to share it with my Tante Sandi.  This really made my birthday extra special!


JB Treats are the best treats I have ever tried! I can’t help but gobble them down.


I always enjoy treats from JB Treats.


I adore my snuffle mat that my humans bought me from JB Treats. Though I believe it should be used more as a bed.


I love my new treats from JB Treats!

Millie Mae

Thank you for my fancy bandanas and the treats. I love them!


I love my pillow and blanket set. Best Christmas Gift Ever!


I love my Christmas bandana Katy gave to me for Christmas. We look so good sporting our new bandanas!


Zazu and I love JB Treats dog treats! We can’t resist the urge to eat them. They are so delicious!

Nala & Zazu

I absolutely love my bandana!


I love my JB Treats blanket. It helps keep me warm after I’ve been shaved to look like a lion.


I love wearing my new bandana during my frequent visits to the hospital.


After seeing how much the dogs the live in my house enjoyed their bandanas, I insisted on having several of my own. I love being the most fashionable one in the house.


I loved showing off my new bandana while walking in the woods.


JoJo and I love showing off our new bandanas! They make us look even more adorable when we beg for treats.

Samantha and JoJo

I love my new bandanas! Now I am just as fashionable as my humans.


I love lounging around the house in style.


I love how handsome I look in my new bandana (or bandogna as my humans call it)!


Murphy says “Sunny and I adore our bandanas (or hankies as our family calls them)!

Murphy and Sunny

I love my bandana from JB Treats! I don’t go anywhere without it!

De Niro

I love getting treats from JB Treats! My mouth waters just thinking about them!


I love snuggling into my bed from JB Treats!


Showing off my JB Treats bandana is a highlight of my walks!


I love my new blanket! It’s perfect for my afternoon naps and was so comfy I had to move it into my kennel.


My new blanket is super comfortable and I enjoy showing off my style with my new bandana from JB Treats.


Fiona and I love our snuffle mat! We rate it 10/10!

Fiona and Fozzy

I look pawsitively beautiful in my new bandana! I love showing off my new look!


I love my new snuffle mat. It keeps me entertained and my brain active. As a bonus I get all of the treats or food I find.


While sharing a snuffle mat with my brother was nice, I decided I wanted my own. Now that I have my own snuffle mat to keep me entertained and my brain active I am howling with excitement.


These treats are delicious! I can’t get enough of them! While I’ve got you here, did you see I’m a handsome boy with my bandana?


I had a very special week! Not only did I have a delicious cake to celebrate my 1st birthday with friends, I also shared delicious cupcakes with my fellow classmates as we graduated from Waler’s K-9 Services basic obedience classes!


I love my pumpkin bandana we got from JB Treats at Bohemian Farm Girl Market! It is perfect for fall weather!


Dorthy, Sharlene and I absolutely love these treats from JB Treats. They are fantastic!

Itsy, Dorthy, Sharlene

I am in love with these treats and I am super happy with my bandana!


I absolutely love my reversible bandana and I can’t get enough of my blanket! I ask for it all the time! No way am I going to share with Marlow.

Melvin, Marlow

Mr Peabody and I love looking snazzy in our new bandanas. We don’t want to take them off. Winston doesn’t fit into his collar yet but as soon as he does he’ll join the cool dogs club with his very own bandana.

Sherman, Mr Peabody, Winston

I love showing off my new bandana. I have to make sure everyone sees it! They have to know which team we support when watching Sunday football!


I love styling my bandanas to match the season!


My new bandana helps me make a fashion statement I have to make sure everyone sees.


My pumpkin bandana is pawfect for the fall weather! I love wearing it!


I thoroughly enjoy my new bed! It’s super comfy and I don’t even have to share my pillows or blanket anymore!


I love JB Treats! Just look at how stylish I am with my bandana! I’m going to be the talk of the town with this stylish bandana.


Even though I am a bunny, I love my snuffle mat! There’s always treats hidden for me to find and keep my brain active.


Penny and I enjoy our new squeak toys! I don’t know about her but my primary goal is to remove the squeaker!

Ana & Penny

I look smashing in my new paw-some bandana!


Tella and I are enjoying some delightful treats this weekend!

Brutus & Tella

Max and I know how to make a fashion statement. Look how paw-tastic we look in these bandanas!

Rocco & Max