JB Treats LLC

JB Treats LLC was created in 2021 to provide my son, James, the ability to continue and expand his passion for making dog treats.

As James was preparing to graduate from high school, we began exploring possible job options for him. We knew we had to be creative from traditional job opportunities due to his autism. After considerable thought, we decided to share the gluten free dog treats James made for our dog, Oreo. James takes great pride in his ability to read and follow the recipe, bake the treats, and package them. We started small by sharing his treats with family and friends. Now we are ready to share them with you.

We are excited to offer pet accessories! James is proud of expanding his skills to include making snuffle mats; sewing over-the-collar pet bandanas, soft blankets, fluffy pillows and beds and creating treat jars. Continue to look for new products added over time.

Celebration Cakes are now available for purchase!

Gluten Free Dog Treats

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